Main Body of the ClubEdit


Current Members of the Club. (2013)

Name: United Kids Club

Dividend: KND

Club Value: $12,750  


Present Head: N/A

Official Deputy Head: Muhammad Shaf'aan -  

2nd in command Official Deputy Head: Muhammad Zain

Assistant Deputy Head: Aishath Zaawiya

Deputy Heads in-charge of The SectionsEdit

Muhammad Shaf'aan - A & B

Muhammad Zain - C

Aishath Zaawiya - D

Section HeadsEdit

A - Muhammad Shaf'aan

B - Ibrahim Layaan

C - Muhammad Zain

D - Aishath Zaawiya

Section AEdit

Head - Muhammad Shaf'aan

Administrator - Ahmed Iyaadh

Officer - Muhammad Aameen

Agent - Aishath Yaana

Manager - Abdullah Shahuru

Monitor - Muhammad Amru

Secretory -

Section BEdit

Head - Ibrahim Layaan

Administrator - Muhammad Eemaan

Officer - Ahmed Mifzal

Agent - Muhammad Naabith

Manager - Zayaan AHmed

Monitor - Muhammad Immaan

Secretory -

Section CEdit

Head - Muhammad Zain

Administrator - Muhammad Naail

Officer -

Agent - Hassan Bin Shafeeu

Manager - Muhammad Anoof

Monitor - Hassan Haizam

Secretory -

Section DEdit

Head - Aishath Zaawiya

Administrator - Aishath Layaal

Officer - Maha Muhammad Rasheed

Agent - Aminath Shaffafa

Manager - Aishath Zuha Ali

Monitor - Zuha Ahmed Naseem

Secretory ---Chappex12 (talk) 17:52, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

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