Section A is one of the administrating sections, of the two administrating sections. This section is divided upon 3 sub sections. (Know all about the sections : The Sections)

AA - Islamic Faith & Law

AB - Registration

AC -  Supreme Court

Although the section is divided, all the members include in all the sub-sections.

The MembersEdit

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One of the aims pf Section A

Head (02) Muhammad Shaf'aan

Administrator (06) Ahmed Iyaadh

Officer (07) Muhammad Aameen

Agent (08) Aishath Yaana

Manager (09) Abdullah Shahuru

Monitor (10) Muhammad Amru

Main Works of the SectionEdit

1. In-charge of registrations of the club.

2. Updating club status

3. Islamic Law & Faith increasement.

4. Investigation of registered problems or crimes, within the club.Link title

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